Erskine Falls

What better way to spend a Saturday than exploring nearby places you’ve never explored before, with one of your favourite people? That’s exactly what I did this past Saturday, and I had such a great time. Erskine Falls is only a couple of hours away from where I live but for whatever reason I’d just never been. Since my friend Laura and I are currently participating in The March Charge, and since she lives even closer to Erskine Falls than I do, we figured now was the perfect time for us to go on an adventure.

My initial reaction? This place is freakin’ stunning! Everywhere you turn, there’s something else beautiful to look at. Everything is so green and luscious and just insanely beautiful! It’s hard for me to explain exactly why I don’t visit these places more often than I do, because honestly I just don’t have a good enough excuse!

The walk down to the waterfall itself is actually quite an easy one. There is about 240 steps and they all go down, so it only takes a couple of minutes until you’re down there taking in the gorgeous sights (but obviously the walk back up is a little harder!) There’s a couple of lookouts that provide the most amazing views, but if you’re a little more adventurous and want to get closer you certainly can. There’s a bit of rock climbing involved though, and the closer you get to the waterfall, the more slippery the ground. Yes, I slipped… and yes, it was funny.

After we were done, we headed into Lorne to grab some lunch and then on our way back to Torquay we decided to have a quick stop off at Aireys Inlet to see Split Point Lighthouse, seeing as we were both big fans of Round The Twist growing up. All in all, had a pretty great day with a pretty great friend and can’t wait until our next adventure!



2 thoughts on “Erskine Falls

  1. Hiro says:

    Wow…!! What a gorgeous mini vacation!! I’d love to find somewhere near here that’ll provide such amazing views. Hope you didn’t get hurt slipping!!! The food looks delicious as well!! :O


    • Kayla Dwyer says:

      There’s so many places near me similar to this, I just need to make more time to visit them! This is on the Great Ocean Road in Australia so there’s a lot more gems like this I’m yet to explore.


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